5. Relationship Management

5.1 Influence

The first competence of Relationship Management is influence. You are influential if you:

  • Are skilled at persuasion
  • Present to appeal to your audience
  • Strategically build consensus and support
  • Effectively make a point.

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About Influence

The father of emotional intelligence, Daniel Goleman, defined “Influence as a competency is the ability to have a positive impact on others, to persuade or convince them to gain their support. With the Influence competency, you're persuasive and engaging, and you can build buy-in from key people.”

Ironically enough, just by being emotionally intelligent, you become more influential.

Powerful Persuasion

Get Positive Power and Influence’s "Situational Influence Model" workbook HERE.


Compelling Consensus and Strong Support

✔️ Consensus means an overwhelming agreement.
❌ Consensus does not mean unanimity.

In other words, building consensus requires listening to everyone’s input, making every effort to meet everyone’s input, and then to come up with a solution that everyone can live with. (No pressure!)

To build consensus and support, it is best to start by determining why there is disagreement.

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