Student Services

Dux Student Support Programme

Our Dux (for tertiary students) and Duxlings (for high school students) Coaching Support Programme offers support and courses to help students build mental and emotional resilience, master crucial life skills and achieve goals.

Dux Student Experiences

Really level up by joining our extended student experiences programme, which includes: orientation, holiday programmes, group coaching sessions, virtual one-on-one coaching and masterclasses.

Dux Student Coaching

Dux offers one-on-one, group coaching and career coaching sessions.

Download the Dux how to apply to Tertiary Institutions eBook

The applications for university and other tertiary education opportunities are now open. This process can be daunting, with many questions that need to be answered and processes that need to be clarified

Whether you are a parent, friend, or matriculant, this eBook has been written with the goal of doing just that. Consider this as your wingman as you start your journey to the rest of your life.

How to apply to Tertiary Institutions
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