Student Support Programme

Our Dux (for tertiary students) and Duxlings (for high school students) Coaching Support Programme offers support and courses to help students build mental and emotional resilience, master crucial life skills and achieve goals.

The student experience is not an easy one and often comes with stresses and challenges that may cause mental and emotional distress, influencing their academic results.

Our creative and impactful student support programme aims to prepare students with the confidence and skills to enter the workforce as an equipped, elite and employable individual, ready to make an impact in their career.

  • Master crucial skills

  • Build your confidence
  • Make it through your studies like a pro

  • Give your life a kick start


Student Support


Weekly emails and interaction

WhatsApp and SMS support

Duxling Core

Grade 8 - 12 Students

R750 per year

Six Masterclasses per year

Access to our online 10/10 course

Weekly emails and interaction

WhatsApp and SMS support

Access to an online coach

Dux Core

Tertiary Student

R950 per year

Eight Masterclasses per year

Access to our online 10/10 course

Weekly emails and interaction

WhatsApp and SMS support

Access to an online coach

Online Student Support Platform - Core Offering

Build grit, character, confidence and life competencies so you can achieve your academic goals and aspirations for future careers.

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DUX Student Support

Our support service is offered via our website, WhatsApp support number, email, SMS and telephonic support.


Monthly masterclasses create conversational spaces and opportunities to build crucial life skills

Weekly emails and blogs

Each month has a focus topic and candidates receive content linked to these topics weekly. The content includes knowledge components, tips and resources on building skills and attitude. Regular blogs are published to enhance life experience and stimulate thinking.

Monthly check-in’s

We connect monthly with candidates to check in on their progress.

What You Get Included In Our Core Offering.

Access to support via telephone, email, WhatsApp and SMS.

Weekly emails, WhatsApp’s and check-ins.

Topics Covered:

  • Study Techniques
  • Note Taking Skills
  • Motivations
  • Information On Opportunities & Bursaries
  • Setting Up Your Master Schedule
  • Interview Skills & Tips
  • Tips For The Revision Period
  • Tips For Exams
  • Anxiety Reduction Techniques
  • Reducing Test Taking Anxiety
  • General Exam Stress Busting Tip
  • Motivation Emails
  • Exam Study Tips
  • Time & Task Management
  • How To Write Fast & Neat In Exams
  • Exam Application Skills
  • Boost Your Memory & Retention
  • Pimp Up Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Brain Foods
  • Boost Your Brain Power
  • Mental & Emotional Health Growth
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Building Good Relationships
  • Post Exam Recovery
  • Get Organised
  • Digital Detox
  • Job Hunting Skills
  • And Much More....

Our Skills Development Theme - 10/10

Dux 10 Out of 10 Graphic
  • All skills and curriculum is based on developing emotional intelligence skills and thinking skills.
  • There is a strong focus on personal growth and developing a growth mindset.
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