Dux is your intelligent, good looking coach that will journey with you through your school and varsity experience. We will stand by you through the tough times, help you navigate the ups and down and celebrate with you through the good times.  And on this journey, we will help you build the crucial skills you need to make the most of your career and life. And we will have fun doing it!

We are a Level 2 BBBEE Company

If any of these matter to you, we are your people!


  • Achieve personal goals – like graduating and finding work /starting a business
  • Build self-awareness, self-confidence and self-motivation
  • Master accountability and growth

  • Find your purpose
  • Grow

  • Optimise
  • Be different

  • Be original
  • Change your story
  • Move forward

  • Inspire others
  • Start something

As one of the most effective, interactive, and successful student support and youth development programmes in South Africa, Dux develops young people into empowered and employable individuals who are geared up to make an impact and enjoy a progressive career.

What we do:

We support students through their educational journey by providing a space to talk, learn and grow. Our Dux team is here to make sure you survive, learn, graduate and live well.

We’ve created our 10/10 movement where you get to learn what you need to champion your life.

  • Master crucial skills

  • Build your confidence
  • Make it through your studies like a pro

  • Give your life a kick start

Emotional intelligence, thinking skills and building a growth mindset are central to our movement because your mental and emotional health matters to us.

How we do this?

We connect with you! Our conversation spaces are geared at every student and high school learner.

  • student relevant topics
  • made to fit
  • easy to access

  • person centred
  • self-paced

  • client driven

We connect with you through:

  • Our website portal where you can level up and access our courses

  • Weekly emails and interactions linked to topics that will help you build resilience
  • Masterclasses

  • WhatsApp, SMS support and Call support for when you need to chat

Our Student Hub is where you can level up and access to our full 10/10 skills courses, connect with other students, keep up to date with our latest blogs, and see us in action with our video’s and gallery.

Join the movement…. Change your life.

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