5. Relationship Management

5.2 Communication

The second competence of Relationship Management is communication.

Because communication is such an important element of Emotional Intelligence, we have upgraded this module to three different courses! Complete all or just the ones you feel are valid to you:

5.2.1 Communication

  • Identifying and improving listening skills.
  • Improving communication skills.
  • Developing an awareness of personal interactive styles.

5.2.2 Communication Skills

  • Find opportunities for the development of self-awareness.
  • Create opportunities for participants to connect with each other and recognise different styles of communication.

5.2.3 Communication at Work

  • Are effective in give-and-take, registering emotional cues in attuning their message.
  • Deal with difficult issues straightforwardly.
  • Listen well, seek mutual understanding, and welcome sharing of information fully.
  • Foster open communication and stay receptive to bad news as well as good.

Did You Know?Improving your communication skills is not only a pivotal part of developing your emotional intelligence - it has tangible impact on your personal and work life.

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