Student experiences

Signing up for the core programme is the first step to:

  • Master crucial skills

  • Build your confidence
  • Make it through your studies like a pro

  • Give your life a kick start

But if you really want to level up, sign up for our extended programme and join our student experiences:

Dux Online Student Support Programme


An exciting 2-day programme preparing candidates for the leap from secondary to tertiary education.

Holiday programme

We host a 4-day life skills building workshop focusing on crucial skills necessary to build a successful life. Our 10/10 programme works on building emotional intelligence, thinking and personal growth skills.  Get to know yourself, make great friends and start building a solid network.

Group coaching sessions

Tell us what you want to know and learn about and we will run bi-monthly group coaching sessions focusing on these areas of development.

One-on-One virtual coaching sessions

When you are serious about your goals or struggling with something, book a one-on-one session with one of our top coaches.  They will help your strategies, work through challenges and support you to your goals. Session are run virtually and you can book as many as you feel necessary.


Online masterclasses run alternate months focusing on key skills as identified by industry or students.

Our Skills Development Theme - 10/10

Dux 10 Out of 10 Graphic
  • All skills and curriculum is based on developing emotional intelligence skills and thinking skills.
  • There is a strong focus on personal growth and developing a growth mindset.
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