Academic Buoyancy C5

Academic Buoyancy C5

As discussed in first blog in this series, academic resilience is a key skill needed to get the most out of your tertiary education and beyond.

The Five Cs of Academic Buoyancy

You can improve your ability to bounce back by addressing the “five Cs:” composureconfidence, commitment, control, and coordination.

5. Coordination

Being a buoyant student means you have learned strategies to manage your time and plan ahead to complete assignments, tests etc. Learning to break down larger or difficult assignments into smaller tasks, with daily deadlines for completion, is a crucial life skill.

Divide up your assignments into progressive deadlines that eventually lead up to the final due date. This also improves the quality of your submissions, and helps to boost your self-regulation.


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Article adapted from one written by Astrid Helene Kendrick, Contract Instructor and Literacy Teacher, University of Calgary

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