Academic Buoyancy C1

Academic Buoyancy C1

As discussed in our previous blog, academic resilience is a key skill needed to get the most out of your tertiary education. It also serves adults well.

The Five Cs of Academic Buoyancy

You can improve your ability to bounce back by addressing the “five Cs:” composure, confidence, commitment, control, and coordination.

1. Composure

Anxiety can strip you of the calm, confident mindset that you need to successfully meet daily academic challenges. When you experience anxiety, you tend to become very focused on the belief that you are in danger, and rather than listening to instruction or reviewing skills, you are constantly looking for evidence that your fear is justified.

Research into academic buoyancy has revealed that more buoyant students are generally less anxious.


Watch out for our upcoming blogs on confidence, commitment, control, and coordination.


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Article adapted from one written by Astrid Helene Kendrick, Contract Instructor and Literacy Teacher, University of Calgary.


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