Academic Buoyancy C3

Academic Buoyancy C3

Academic Buoyancy C3

As discussed in first blog in this series, academic resilience is a key skill needed to get the most out of your tertiary education and beyond.

The Five Cs of Academic Buoyancy

You can improve your ability to bounce back by addressing the “five Cs:” composure, confidence, commitment, control, and coordination.

3. Commitment 

Commitment relates to your persistence to complete a task.

As a buoyant youth, you understand that successful learning requires time and effort. You also understand that a failure in the present does not predict failure in the future, so you welcome feedback from expert educators on how you can improve.

Playing board games can help develop both skills and persistence.


Watch out for our upcoming blogs on control and coordination.


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Article adapted from one written by Astrid Helene Kendrick, Contract Instructor and Literacy Teacher, University of Calgary

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