Nurses Day 2020 is Especially Apposite

12 May is Nurse's Day

Nurses Day 2020 is Especially Apposite

Dux is fortunate enough to have students in our fold who are at various levels of studying nursing. We are even more grateful for their career choice during this time of COVID19.

Nonhlanhla Mabena

"A 22 year from Mapleton in the East Rand. I matriculated in 2015 from Leondale high school and started my undergraduate degree in Nursing from 2016 until 2019. (Nonhlanhla is one of our graduates who we celebrated virtually.)

Nonhlanhla Mabena

How do you feel being on the Frontline with COVID 19?

It is quite scary because I just qualified and the thought of death looming because I chose to be in the frontline is depressing but those negative thoughts drift by. We might be facing a pandemic but other diseases still affect other people, so I have learnt to take each day as it comes, ensuring that I'm always within protective clothing when I come into contact with the different patients.

What is your take on the current pandemic?

The pandemic has really tested the healthcare system and it has uncovered the flaws that have been overlooked for a few decades now. Hopefully, with this pandemic, more policies will be altered and modified in terms of the maintenance infrastructure, more emphasis must be placed on professional development of the staff members, there is a need to invest in local business to increase in-sourcing of medical resources and human resources to be better equipped for such a pandemic. It has also highlighted the need for technological advancement in different sectors such as education. The government must address these needs moving forward, so we can be prepared the next time such an event takes place.

What has been your most surprising learning in your journey to be a nurse?

It has been learning to be assertive with the knowledge you have and ways you can apply it to help a patient. It taught me to remain calm in the most stressful settings.

What advice would you give to young people who want to study nurses?

It is a beautiful profession, mastering the art of caring with the aid of scientific knowledge. Although there is a negative societal perception about the profession, it needs someone who has a strong will and someone who understands that they must work in a system, with other members of the multidisciplinary team to help a patient better their health. You must be ready to be a team player.

What do you want to say to the public about COVID 19?

Each and every one of us will play a role during this period. Please adhere to the rules stipulated by our officials to keep you and your family safe during this lockdown period. Keep your body and mind healthy through exercise and eating well healthy. We will get through this."

Kgomotso Mothobeki

"Khomotso Mothobeki is someone who is currently working on having a life that is more healthy, joyful and peaceful. That is the ultimate life goal. His biggest fear now is not achieving that goal.

Khomotso Mothobeki

How do you feel being on the Frontline with COVID 19?

Nurses and other health professionals have been always being on the front line against diseases and infections. As much as this pandemic is a scary for all of us, it has and always will be a nurse’s duty to be an advocate and a carer for the sick and the dying.

What is your take on the current pandemic?

It gives me shivers when I wake up to a rapid increase of confirmed cases, I pray every day and hope that it does not get anywhere closer to everyone I know. It is quite challenging to combat this pandemic simply because the system is unstable. By unstable I mean there is inadequate supply of resources and the hospitals are short staffed. Another factor I think it is because some people do not want to obey the rules elicited by the pandemic. It puts a threat on the health care professionals and the government as well because the cases keep increasing every day. This pandemic has served as a lesson to me. A lesson that sometimes things do not go as you plan them. We all had plans for the year 2020 but now here we are unable to fulfil them. It also taught me the importance of financial education and being able to save for the future.

What has been your most surprising learning in your journey to be a nurse?

The most surprising learning so far was to be brave to face the dead like caring for a dying and a dead patient. The very first time I saw a dead patient was at the Hospital on the first day of orientation. It was bad that I nearly fainted. Now it is like I am used to it. I no longer get scared or terrified. After it has happened, I just bow my head and say these words: “I thank you lord for the strength you’ve given me, may his/her soul rest in peace” then continue with my duty.

What advice would you give to young people who want to study nurses?

Nursing is not for the faint-hearted. You have got to be brave and have passion in nursing. It must be something that you love and enjoy doing.

What do you want to say to the public about COVID 19?

We can combat this pandemic. The only way to do that is by abiding to the rules of the lockdown and stop being ignorant."

Asakhanya Promise Maseti

I am Asakhanya Promise Maseti a 19 years old ,Bachelor of nursing science student at the university of Limpopo. I matriculated 2019 at Thomas Nhlabathi Secondary School.

Promise Maseti

Why did you choose to study nursing?

Nursing as a whole describes me .A selfless person, empathetic,compassionate ,loving and very kind .I want to make a direct impact in people's life's and be the one to witness that beginning and the end of life .Also bring hope into this hopeless world and nurse the infected society with love and care.

What has been the most surprising learning in your journey to be a nurse?

Is that I provide holistical nursing care to all my patients and instead of criticizing and mistreating them I can be a hand they the hold and a shoulder to cry on.

What is your take on the current pandemic?

Even thou today is not guaranteed and tomorrow is not promising It's up to us to make a difference and take care of our health by washing hands with soap regularly and staying at home.

What advice would you give to people who want to study nursing?

It's all about what's inside and giving your best to be a human super hero that love's and care for others.

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  • Khomotso Mothobeki

    This is great work. I thank you for making this profile. It was actually a nice profile because we were given a stage to tell how it is like to be in the school of Nursing.

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