6. Creative Thinking

6.7 Make New Connections

Make New Connections (Connessione) – Systems thinking

Systems thinking is a holistic approach to problem solveing that focuses on the way that the parts of a system relate to one another and how systems work and develop over time and in the context of larger systems.

By focussing on systems in their entirety, more creative solutions can be developed. Da Vinci was convinced that everything is related and we are all part of something bigger. The same applies in business. No business exists in a vacuum, but rather in the context of its workers, its owners, its client base and its physical environment. People who can see this are highly valued in the business world.

The same applies to students. Those who can see themselves in the context of the world in which they exist, the outcomes they hope to achieve through their studies, the society they want to contribute to and their own circle of family and friends will certainly achieve more than those who do not have the ability to use systems thinking.

Leonardo da Vinci is often regarded as the embodiment of the blending of art, humanities, science and technology, because of his vast array of abilities. During the renaissance, art, science and technology were not as separated as they are these days. There seems to be a subtle shift back towards this overlap as we see especially in the research and development of technology.

This systems thinking could be just the creative push our generation needs to solve the many problems we are facing.


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