6. Creative Thinking

6.6 Balance Body and Mind

Balance Body and Mind (Corporalità) – Body-mind fitness

We have all heard the saying ‘healthy body; healthy mind’. Well, it may surprise you to know that Leonardo da Vinci was an originator of this concept for the western world. The ever-growing popularity of yoga in the western world is proof positive that people are believing in and benefiting from this principle.

The physical benefits of exercise are obvious; the mental ones are not as well-known to everyone. Exercise releases endorphins, which are powerful chemicals also known as the feel-good chemical.

Moderate exercise has proven to be as effective in treating mild depression as medication is – with the added advantage of only good side-effects. Those of us who suffer from depression will agree that creativity is all-but-asleep in times of depression, so staying fit is crucial for us.

Exercise also promotes better sleep patterns, neural growth and feelings of calm and well-being. Physical activity also helps to relax your muscles and relieve body tension. Most of us know the clarity of mind that comes after a great workout. So, when your body feels better, your mind will operate better.

And how do we exercise our brains? Well try doing a crossword or the Sudoku in your daily newspaper. Be careful of what you expose your brain to… there is so much information available and so much of it is utter garbage. Treat your brain to quality input with challenging content for a brain workout. Another good choice for brain health is to cut down on screen time.

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