9. Innovative Thinking

9.2 Innovative Thinking – How to showcase your skills

Want to show your innovative thinking skills, here is how?

Be the first to provide a solution. If you see a problem, don't be shy to offer a solution. Speak up! with respect, share your ideas for the problem you have noticed. Your solution may not be exactly what they want, but is shows you are thinking about what needs to be done.

Keep an ideas journal. Ideas come at all times of the day and night. Keeping a list of ideas you get is a great way of to remember these ideas. You will be able to reflect back and build on these. Reading through these ideas is also a great way to prepare for reviews, assessments or even interviews.

Act on your ideas. An innovative idea is only as good as its implementation. Demonstrating how your idea can solve a problem is a good way to show your skill in this thinking area. Start in your own life by using your ideas.

Share your ideas with those who matter. Keeping your ideas to yourself will not showcase your innovative thinking. Share your ideas with leaders, managers, mentors and friends. Follow up your sharing meeting with an email to create proof of ownership of the idea as well as proof of sharing.

Learn and incorporate new skills. Keep learning. This is how you encourage yourself to keep innovating. By learning and experimenting with new skills you will put your knowledge to good use and show that you innovate in your own processes.

Ask for input on new ideas. Innovators rarely work alone. They understand they may not have all the skills necessary to make the new ideas work. Brainstorming and working in collaboration with others makes innovation exciting, goal orientated and shared.

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