9. Innovative Thinking

9.1 Innovative Thinking – How to improve your skills

Exercises you can do to improve your innovative thinking. 

  1. Embrace your creativity

Find opportunities to get creative. When you are faced with challenges, use your imagination to brainstorm ideas that start with “what if” and make a list of solutions.

  1. Learn from your failure

Failure is the best learning tool. Allowing yourself room to fail and evaluate mistakes will increase your ability to think creatively and innovatively. Think of it this way, your failed attempts are like a test that allows you to move on to the next solution without making the same mistakes.

  1. Take every idea into consideration

Innovative thinkers let their ideas flow unlimitedly. Create a mindset that every one of your concepts has potential during the thinking process. Keep in mind that input from others can also be considered an important part of forming innovative ideas.

  1. Widen your knowledge base

Innovative thinkers recognize that ideas can come from any source. Increase your knowledge through personal development and find opportunities to learn and advance new skills.

  1. Recognize innovation

Celebrate innovative thinking in others. Learn how they use creative problem-solving and explore their ideas and methods to help inspire your own creativity.



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