Your Productivity Does Not Define You

You are enough

Your Productivity Does Not Define You

Yes, we encourage you to study 45 hours per week throughout the year. Yes, we urge you to push yourself to your limits. Yes, our desire is for you to succeed. And yet, we truly believe that you are so much more than your results, your degree, your academic prowess.

Historical Output

Take a pen and paper, and list all your accomplishments till now (e.g. getting a good education despite the quality of your school, staying out of a bad crowd, getting into university, receiving a bursary.) To have come this far in your life, the need to keep moving and working and achieving is clearly in your blood. This has served you well and kudos to you.

You may even have an uncontrollable urge to jump up and look busy if someone walks in on you resting. This kind of peer pressure is not frowned upon. Ditto stress. The right amount of stress can improve your performance by increasing awareness, maintaining your focus, boosting your motivation, filtering distractions.

The Yerkes-Dodson Stress Productivity Curve

But too much stress will hinder your performance and cause problems. So, say this out loud:

My Worth Isn’t Based On My Productivity

Your worth just is. It is intrinsic, in other words, it occurs naturally – just by being you. All the rest of your productivity is simply a bonus.

Beware of valuing productivity over all else because:

Productivity is an endless loop. While good old-fashioned hard work has immense value, there will always be more to do.

Rather, keep a healthy perspective on your work. Do some every day rather than aiming to "live" again only when xyz is finished. A balance gives you the chance to work hard — and then relax and bask in a job well done.

Productivity can suppress your engagement with life. Being super-productive requires hyper-focus. Hyper-focus in one aspect of your life means that other areas fade into oblivion.

Rather, be able to take time out to appreciate the moments that make up your life. Live with your heart and eyes open to whimsy and wonder wherever you can find it.

Lapses in productivity can lead to feelings of shame. As discussed by Brene Brown, disappointing yourself by not achieving a goal can be blown up to dangerous proportions which affect your mental wellbeing.

Rather, spend some time in this post-exam phase working on developing the core of you. Take a moment to critically re-evaluate your purpose, the legacy you want to leave, and the dreams you have for yourself. Use this opportunity to build your self-worth and celebrate you!


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“Dux   dʌks   noun

The top pupil in a school or class.”

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