Why Kindness Matters and Why You Should Care?

World Kindness Day

Why Kindness Matters and Why You Should Care?

World Kindness Day should be everyday. Have you ever wondered why kindness matters? Every day we endure difficult situations. Whether that be writing an exam, completing a challenging assignment, or facing backbreaking situations. It does not matter where you are, there will always be someone, somewhere, who is need of kindness. This is why kindness matters – your kindness can change a life, save a life, impact a life. Your kindness can make someone feel seen and heard and that they matter. Kindness is seeing the best in others when they cannot see it in themselves.

It is quite ironic that kindness is splattered in cards, books, songs and even Pinterest boards, but when it comes down to the real test, we are selling the word short. I believe that the lack of kindness in the world is the root cause to most of our problems as society is to selfish to give of themselves especially when it might go unnoticed.

Here are a few examples of how being kind benefits you. 

  • Being kind makes you happier.
  • Kindness is contagious and can raise social awareness.
  • Small acts of kindness provide meaning and purpose to our life which can improve our mental health and wellbeing.
  • Kindness is a sign of strength.

Ways you can show kindness. 

Kindness is a not just a thought, it’s an act, which for many people can mean different things. These are a few examples that you can use in your university life to show kindness that does not cost a cent.

  • Smile and say good morning to a random person, just because you can.
  • If you see someone struggling to carry all their books, help them before they ask.
  • If you love someone’s outfit, pay them a compliment.
  • Tell your friend something you love about them.
  • Write encouraging messages on sticky notes and stick them on the bathroom mirrors.
  • If you see someone sitting alone, just go sit with them.
  • Thank your favourite campus employee for their services.

As we approach 13 November World Kindness Day, remember every small act of kindness counts. Be kind like a boss because we are all on the same team.

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