Top Tips for Getting Vac Work

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Top Tips for Getting Vac Work

Just when you thought you could unwind as exams come to an end – so the Dux tertiary student team is here to remind you that you should be doing some vac work.

The Value of Vac Work

While education is a massively important part of your future, university does not fully equip students for the corporate environment. The only way to prepare for the work environment is through exposure and adapting to corporate cultures, interacting with clients, and working in a team of professionals and industry. One season of vac work will dramatically boost your work ethic and drive, communication skills, and other interpersonal skills.

Once you graduate, you will notice that SO many of the “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!” adverts require experience before you can apply. Talk about a Catch-22 situation if you are new in the job market. Vac work is an excellent stepping-stone here, as you a) have a foot in the door; and b) have real-life experience.

Use your time wisely by networking with key players to create a long-term relationship with the company. Take the opportunity to network and find mentors in the industry.

Finally, a huge advantage of getting a paid holiday job is that you can build up a little nest-egg of savings for the year ahead.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a Holiday Job

Step 1

Ideally, you would have researched and applied for a good fit a few months ago. This will help you to find a holiday job that offers to most impact to your future path. However, do not give up if the industry-related posts have already been taken. Remember that all experience counts – from working in a call centre to retail cashiers, warehousing, wholesaling and distribution centres, and administrative, clerical, and data capturing positions.

Step 2

Going through a reputable employment agency is a good way to get started. Many have temporary, student-centric jobs such as staffing events, product launches and promotions.

Applying directly to companies within your field is another option. Keep your eyes and ears open, as many jobs are found through knowing the right people – networking is key when you are looking for employment.

Step 3

Either way, make sure that your CV is 100% - accurate, easy-to-read, and up to date. Unless specified, don’t let it ramble on for more than two pages – and ditch the elaborate cover page. Keep it simple, to the point, and engaging:

  • DO customise it for the position you are applying for. DON’T include your hobbies.
  • DO proofread it with a fine toothcomb. DON’T lie, exaggerate, or overuse a Thesaurus.
  • DO keep it clear and concise. DON’T include all your certificates – “available on request” – unless otherwise specified.

Step 4

Create and use your LinkedIn page as a “personal website.” Its layout is an excellent prompt and companion to creating your CV. Don’t be a creepy stalker though – LinkedIn is a lot more iffy about unsolicited connections that other social media sites.

Take the opportunity to clean up ALL your other digital footprint. From drunken pics on Instagram to arguments on Twitter – now is the time to grow up and keep every. single. action. in line with the professional image you would like to portray. (No, your security settings mean nothing!)

Step 5

Let go of your poor student vibe, and dress appropriately. If you can’t do a reccie to see how current employees dress, opt for a more formal, conservative approach initially. Above all, no matter what you are wearing, ensure that it is clean, mended, fits properly, and adds to your confidence.

Give yourself plenty of time to get to an interview. In fact, is has been said that if you are late, don’t even bother to go inside. Use the spare time to freshen up, give yourself a pep talk, and practise a power pose.

When meeting with interviewers, make eye contact, smile, shake hands, and speak up. Even if you are as nervous as anything, remember that you are a Dux – visibly cool, calm, and collected no matter how much paddling is going on in private!

The Dux Advantage

If you are looking for a launchpad for the extraordinary, look no further than Dux. We specialise in giving all the support needed for the increased mental health and wellbeing you need in order to thrive academically and in life. Contact us today, and get your ducks in a row: 060.656.1305  |

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