Tips from the Top for First Years

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Tips from the Top for First Years

Because transitioning from school to tertiary education can be rather daunting, we have an insightful article written by Tshepo Mdluli - a current civil and environmental engineering student and Dux facilitator - just for you:

"One of the best messages you could ever receive is the one congratulating you that you have been accepted to enrol in university. Nothing beats that feeling. In your mind, you know that ‘I'm headed where I was told life begins’. That's not only where life begins, but where the real test to your lifestyle choices will be tested as an individual.

Students at varsity all have different experiences as we are all from different backgrounds. We all react differently to challenges given to us in the type of setting we will find in a university.

There is no better explanation for "FREEDOM" you can have other than the kind of freedom you find in university. You can wake up at any time of the day you want, skip classes if you want to, go to any club if the budget allows you. All these things exist throughout your university life but the most important thing that is tested here is your ability to stay focused.

We all come to varsity to obtain the degree, and most disadvantaged people go to university in order to change the situation back home. Whatever you do during your time of varsity, never lose focus; never forget that you're here to study in order to have a better life. A better life for your family. Work hard and smart too.

There are times where you come across a module that everyone finds hard. In those situations, always try to stand out and pass the module so you can move on to other stages.

Remember this is a new page in your life; a clean one. Grab this opportunity with both hands and make the best out of it.”

But That's Not All

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Dux /dʌks/ noun
The top pupil in a school or class.”

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