The Power of Your Self-Talk

The Power of Your Self-Talk

The Power of Your Self-Talk

Each one of us has that little voice that talks to us throughout the day. It expressed feelings and thoughts and can make or break our day. What has your little voice said to you today? Has it been kind? Or has it been detrimental?

Positive self-talk has been proven to improve confidence, productivity and motivation. Think about how amazing it feels to be told you’re really awesome. So why not foster our own voice to be kind to ourselves?

It can be easy to fall into a pattern of negative self-talk. “I’m not good enough”. “No-body likes me”. “I have to be perfect”. Watch what you say to yourself because you might just start believing it.

Thinking through a problem can be a useful tool to move on from it but spending too much time replaying embarrassing moments in your head can snowball. Soon you’ve dug yourself a deep hole that becomes hard to get out of.

Self-talk has a huge impact not only on our self-image but on our physical and mental health. When we feel in a pessimistic mood, we often feel this in our bodies too. For instance you can feel drained, have a tight chest, have trembling hands and sweaty palms. Likewise when we are feeling positive we often feel energised.

It’s important for you to realise that you are the one in control of your self-talk. While bad things do happen, it’s up to you to look on the bright side. Become aware of your little voice and train it to become kind and patient and forgiving.

You can empower yourself by using the “I am” phrase for good and not evil. Practice phrases to build yourself up everyday until you not only have positive self-talk, but also believe in what you say.

I am enough. I am smart. I attract positivity. I am worthy of love. I am compassionate with others and myself. I am grateful for how the sun warms my face. 

Go on, try it.

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