10 Tips to Nail Online Learning During Lockdown

Lockdown Learning Tips

10 Tips to Nail Online Learning During Lockdown

Get the most out of you online learning  experience.

1. Communicate regularly. Your teacher, lecturer, school and faculty will be communicating with you on how you can access the course material, when online lessons will be held and how to connect to these and other resources.  Be sure you are clear on how and when the lessons will be held, what materials are needed, and how to communicate with the right people.

2. Know what is expected! Your learning will be presented in one of two ways. Either your course lessons will have specific times set by your school / faculty and you will need to login with the rest of your classmates. Or you will be given the materials and can learn on your own time. Whichever way your course is delivered through, be sure you are clear on the expectations that have been set and hold yourself accountable for the work you need to complete.

Your teachers / lecturers will still be holding you accountable for the work you do.  This is not a time to slack and say you did not know.  Be sure the expectations are clear and if not, don’t hesitate to reach out to them with questions! 

3. Create a good study space. The space you study in is very important.  Your space should be/have:

  • Well lit
  • Quiet
  • Organised
  •  No distractions
  • Good internet connect
  • Comfortable
  • Available to use at any time            

Communicate with you family about your study schedule so that you set up good boundaries.

Turn off your other distractions – social media, your phone, your emails (unless you need these to study with).

4. Set goals and objectives. Each day needs to produce results, or you will fall behind.  Know what you want to cover every day.  Create notes linked to your objecties. 

“Eat the frog first” – start with the most difficult tasks first.  By doing this you will be more productive and effective. 

5. Have a solid study plan!

  • Plan ahead – know what you need to cover, schedule it in and set time frames against your tasks.
  • Create to do lists – make a list of what you need to complete each day for each of your modules / subjects. Tick off as you go. This really does help you feel like you are making progress. 
  • Find a study buddy – even if you are far away, you can have a friend that you can work with. Set up times to start sections and check in with each other after. 

6. Ask for help. Your teacher, lecturer, school and faculty are there to help you.  Don’t get lost and not ask for help. 

DUX is also here.  Just pop us a message / call and we will support however we can.

7. Review, revise, repeat. Getting info to stick in your head needs regular revision and repetition. Make time in your schedule the 3 R’s into your day. 

8. Take breaks. You have to make time for down time during your day.  Do something you enjoy.  Listen to music, have something to eat, connect with friends, and definitely LEAVE your study space during your break.  Maybe even do a bit of exercise.  Clear your mind and you will optimise your performance. 

9. Participate in online discussions. Online does not mean alone.  Connect with your classmates through social media, online groups, forums, and make sure you actively participate in your online class discussions.  Remember  - normal social rules apply:  Be respectful, mind your tone, when you use chat groups use full, clear sentences.  Sounds like the advice we would give you for your real world classes.  

10. Stay motivated. This is is new, and with anything new it will take time to get right.  You must be fully committed to your new experience.  

  • Have your vision and goals where you can see them. This will remind you why you need to stay the course.
  • Get a good routine in place – something that suits you.
  • There will be good days and bad days, and that is ok!
  • Have healthy snacks to boost your energy
  • Celebrate your daily wins.

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