Top Tips to Overcome Studying in a Full House

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Top Tips to Overcome Studying in a Full House

Guest blogger: Nicole Woodall, 23, Film-making graduate

South Africa - and the world - has come to a standstill but studies must go on. Living in a household of seven people and two dogs myself, I understand how difficult it is to focus in a busy environment. I’m going to share with you my top 5 tips for studying in a busy environment. It is worth noting that everyone is different and you may need to tweak and experiment with them until you find your study utopia (yes, I do think it exists).

1. Set Expectations

Sit your family down and explain that you’re struggling. You’ll be amazed how much clear communication can help. Your family is proud of you (whether they say it or not) and will do what they can to help you succeed.

2. Plan Your Work Accordingly

Identify the lull in your house and make sure you’re ready to utilize it when it comes. Stay away from stimulants like coffee and sugar to ensure you’re at your most productive when everyone else isn’t.

3. Tune Out The Noise

Grab some headphones and tune out the noise. If music works for you, then music without lyrics (electronic or house) is best for focussing. If music isn’t for you, there are plenty of “white noise” playlists on YouTube such as ocean waves and rain.

4. Set Strict Deadlines And Goals

Set yourself clear goals (time limits or chapters to complete) and take breaks in between them. This will keep your mind fresh and help you focus completely on your task at hand, allowing you to rest in between, guilt free.

5. Experiment With Your Workspace

Challenge your conventional workspace. If you’re most productive on your stomach on the floor, study there. If you’re most productive at your desk, study there.

Everyone is different so I challenge you to experiment with what works best for you. Keep your chin up and remember that this will pass and you will be able to look back and remember you did your absolute best with what you had.

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