Students Make The Best Human Rights Activists


Students Make The Best Human Rights Activists

Dux students enjoy a public holiday as much as the next person. However, through the student support programme, you know that the purpose of life is to be more than a mere spectator. As such, you are no doubt going to relax on your day off, but with an active understanding of Human Rights Day.

Human Rights Day History


What does the name Robert Sobukwe mean to you? A courageous man who waged a bold and stubborn struggle against apartheid, Robert Sobukwe led the anti-pass law protests of 21 March 1960.

It was more than a protest against the Pass Laws of the apartheid regime. It was an affirmation by common people, rising in unison to proclaim their rights.” The protest was meant to be peaceful, but 69 people died and 180 were wounded when the police opened fire on the crowd. It has become an iconic date in South Africa’s troubled history.

Since 1994, South Africa has celebrated Human Rights Day on 21 March to commemorate the Sharpeville Massacre.

Bill of Rights is the Cornerstone of Democracy in South Africa

Click HERE to download South Africa’s Bill of Rights.

Click HERE to download the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Advocate and Communicate Human Rights

As the future of South Africa, (the world, and beyond), it is important that you understand human rights - both how you should be treated, and how you should treat others. An active knowledge and respect of rights empowers you to tackle prejudice, improve relationships, and make the most of your life.

Being a human rights advocate starts with a positive and open-minded attitude. From there it is easy to cultivate respect and tolerance for difference. By applying a human rights perspective to your personal life, to your university and neighbourhood, and in your national and international communities, you become an effective advocate of human rights.

Human Rights Day Quotes



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