Six Easy Steps to Adapt to Studying Under Lockdown

Six Easy Steps to Adapt to Studying Under Lockdown

Easy Ways to Be More Adaptable

Guest blogger: Nicole Woodall, 23, Film-making graduate

Adaptability is possibly one of the most important qualities to have when our day to day life is so uncertain. Don’t worry, even though some have this quality naturally, it can be ​learned ​ but like with any skill, you have to practice. Here are some top tips to be more adaptable.

1. Accept that some things are out of your control.

Once you have acknowledged that no amount of denial, anger or self-pity will change the situation, you will be able to adapt to it. It is what it is. Now, go make your future-self proud.

2. Improvise.

Don’t over-think everything you do. Transitioning to online learning is difficult for your teachers and classmates too. Take a deep breath and fake it until you make it. Eventually it won’t seem so alien anymore.

3. Remain optimistic.

It is natural to be resilient to change but keep your head up. Practice having a positive attitude in responding to difficult situations. This is not only vital to academic success but to a happy and successful life too.

4. Create a survivor attitude.

Remember that although you will never be in control of your external situations, you can always control how you respond in them.

5. Cultivate a healthy learning environment and mindset.

Make a dedicated workspace. Keep it clean and get dressed every day. Just because you aren’t leaving the house every day, does not mean you shouldn’t look after yourself. Eat healthy meals, sleep well, and take time to de-stress. If you feel relaxed and ready to take on the day, you are already adapting brilliantly.

6. Stop waiting.

The “right” time, place, or situation may never come. Accept that this is our new reality. Focus less on what the future may hold and do your best today.

Adaptability doesn’t come overnight, but practice these tips and it will become easier. Our world is ever-changing and uncertain so just focus on taking things one day at a time.

You’ve got this!

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