Set Yourself Up For Success This Sunday

Want to accomplish more in the week ahead? Try these top ten things to do every Sunday for a productive week.

Set Yourself Up For Success This Sunday

Sundays have a unique vibe. They offer an opportunity to lie in a bit, savour your coffee rather than downing it on your way out the door, take things easier. Dux Youth Development and Student Support encourages you to set up a Sunday routine that will prepare you for a successful week ahead – starting today!

Top Ten Things To Do Every Sunday For A Better Week

1. Create a to-do list

When you write down everything you need to get done in the upcoming week, you will avoid any deadline surprises, and you can plan each day more effectively. Setting everything out on paper can be overwhelming when you how much you have on your plate. Prioritise your to-do list to improve your focus and help you set boundaries.

2. Do laundry

Preparing a full set of clean clothes on Sunday lets you plan your outfits for the entire week so that your morning routine is streamlined and efficient.

3. Clear out your inbox

Delete all advertisements and other distracting emails that clutter your inbox.

4. Declutter your room

Spend some time on Sunday afternoon to organise everything so you can start your week with a clean slate.

5. Assess your budget

Reminding yourself of your budget and knowing how much money you have to spend this week will help you avoid impulse purchases.

6. Shop for supplies

Whether your supplies are groceries and/or bits and bobs for an assignment, shopping for them on a Sunday ensures you have what you need. This saves time and money.

7. Do some meal prep

If you are cooking for yourself, preparing as much as possible in advance saves you time in the week by batching your efforts. Cook up something simple and stick it in the freezer for those crazy week-days.

8. Go outside

Spending time in nature and exercise both help release stress. Have a picnic or go for a run.

9. Get enough sleep

After a good night’s sleep, you will feel more relaxed and refreshed and ready to face the week ahead. (Alcohol results in poor-quality sleep.)

10. Enjoy your time off

Remember to stay balanced by taking some guilt-free time to relax.

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