Six Reasons Why Networking is Important

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Six Reasons Why Networking is Important

It’s easy to get caught up in academics and portfolio work while you are still studying, but networking during my college days has been more beneficial for my career than my leaving certificate. Here’s why.

1. You will stand out above the rest.

By becoming recognisable and offering helpful input and tips to peers you can build a reputation for yourself. You can prove that you are reliable, friendly, punctual, hardworking and willing to learn. These qualities will ensure you are chosen above other applicants.

2. You’ll have access to job opportunities.

Over 90% of my work that I have gotten to date has been because of word of mouth and referrals. Active networking will ensure you are top of mind when someone needs a professional in your field. Networking will also expose you to jobs that aren’t in newspapers and websites.

3. You will build trust.

Networking not only allows you to build strong and long-lasting relationships with peers and potential employers, but it will gain their trust. With a foundation of trust, you can be relied on to complete a task and be a part of a team.

4. You will always have career advice and support.

Discussing industry related issues with experienced peers can ensure you get the right guidance and advice. By offering genuine help to others, you will also guarantee that you will receive the right support when you need it.

5. You will gain new ideas.

Networking is a great source of new ideas, insights and perspectives, allowing you to stay relevant and informed in your field.

6. You will grow as a person.

Networking ensures you are constantly putting yourself outside of your comfort zone. This build’s character, confidence and inter-communication skills.

Building relationships through networking is the most important thing for you to do - other than be good at your job - in your career. Always take time to network and create lasting impressions. Your future-self will thank you for it.

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