Napping – Yes or No?

Napping – Yes or No?

We have noticed a trend with our students of napping after classes, and then studying late into the night. Our coaches do not recommend this routine, but what does the science say?

The Science of Napping

While an afternoon snooze may feel like the perfect mini break to get you through the rest of the day, they can sometimes do more harm than good.

1. The length of the nap has an impact:

2. The pros and cons of napping

??A nap can improve your memory.

??Napping has been shown to lower blood pressure.

??Naps are useful for those suffering from narcolepsy.

??Can give you a good extra boost.

??Napping backfires for those suffering from insomnia.

??Naps often result in an exhausting brain fog that is hard to shake.

??Your sleep schedule is negatively affected by snoozes.

??Can have a negative impact on your respiratory function.

How to Make Naps Work for You

The Mayo Clinic recommends that naps be taken between 2 and 3pm and last between 10 and 30 minutes. Doing so takes advantage of your normal post-meal dip in energy and, if done by 3pm, poses the least risk for causing sleeplessness in the evening.

Also, insist on good sleep hygiene: Make sure your have a dark, quiet, comfortable space with no interruptions so that you can easily slide into a short cycle of sleep, and use an alarm to prevent falling into deeper stages of sleep so you will awaken feeling refreshed.

The Dux Advantage

The key, when it comes to napping, is to be honest about why you are napping. Evaluating the reasons you feel you need a nap will give you better insight into whether a nap will be beneficial or harmful.

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