? Motivate Me Please!

How to stay motivated after the year we've had

? Motivate Me Please!

How to stay motivated after the year we’ve had

As we go into our 13th week of lockdown, I think we can all agree it’s been one crazy roller coaster ride. It’s often hard to stay motivated in our normal lives but now that they’ve been thrown upside-down, it can feel even harder. That’s why I’ve listed my top five tips to stay motivated.

1. Keep the big picture in mind.

With Covid-19 arriving in our lives with no sign of when it’s leaving, it can become a habit for us to fixate on the “now”. “What should we be doing? Where is our future going? The world has stopped and so should I.” Take a step back and remember that with every chapter in life, this too will pass. Remind yourself that you have to keep working hard at your goals to be ready for when Corona fades away.

2. Give yourself a fresh start.

A lot of us have become a bit lazy over lockdown - which is okay. What’s important is that we clean ourselves up - physically and metaphorically - and start over. If you’ve let opportunities pass or fallen behind on your work, now’s your chance to get back at it. Thank yourself for the time to re-charge and start again.

3. Don’t assume money will motivate you

Money is great, but make sure you take time outside of your work to stay motivated. Go for a daily run. Spend time watching inspiring talks. Do something creative. Keep learning. It’s these things in life that really motivate a person. Don’t neglect them.

4. Get organised.

Sometimes just visualising my future and making a to-do list gets me excited to cross things off. Set yourself goals and stay organized to make sure you reach them.

5. Keep good company.

Surround yourself with people (virtually) that inspire you. Limit contact with people who drag you down and always complain because you reflect the company you keep.

Motivation takes hard work, so don’t be discouraged if you lapse for a bit. Put your big kid shoes on and start fresh everyday.

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