?? ??‍♂️ Questions and Answers from Dux Students

Freedom Day

?? ??‍♂️ Questions and Answers from Dux Students

Winter is normally synonymous with the DUX Holiday Programme which runs during the mid-year vac. - where learning is done through interesting and insightful conversations.

Because anxiety and depression is debilitating the youth, it is an advantage to be mentally fit. From a psychological perspective, the holiday programme equips you to become a psychological warrior!

The programme has been developed over 16 years - so trust the process. Although repetition is a learning philosophy, the programme is never the same.

Some Questions and Answers

Here is a sample of the type of meaningful conversations that have been sparked in previous years:

Whet Your Appetite

Curious to find out more? Join the DUX movement now, and be welcomed to our group of next generation of movers and shakers.

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The Dux Advantage

If you are looking to nurture and develop your students, look no further than Dux. Our reason for existing is to give learners all the mental and emotional support they need in order to thrive academically - and as contributing members of our society. Contact us today, and get your ducks in a row:  060.656.1305   |   info@duxpd.co.za

Dux | dʌks |  noun  "The top pupil in a class.”




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