GRADUATE – Mpumelelo Shongwe

GRADUATE – Mpumelelo Shongwe

Congratulations, Mpumelelo, on obtaining your B.Ed!


"I am Mpumelelo Shongwe, a short calm, reserved and soft spoken individual. The first daughter of Winkie and George Shongwe, making me a stepmom to my two beautiful siblings Nonhlanhla and Gift. I come from a small township, Alra Park in Nigel. Residing at Alra Park has given me the opportunity of being an inspiration, I always strive for more and have inspired others in my community to strive for better as well. Through the support of Peermont Education Trust, I managed to graduate from one of the country's prestigious university, University of Pretoria. I managed to complete my B.Ed with distinction, I am a proud educator.

What is the surprising thing I have learned.

The most underrated role of education is character development. This has been the most surprising thing I have learned. I always say to my friend that education has liberated me. it has freed me from fear, doubt and limitation. It's not what I have been taught, but what I learned by being a student. Each time I failed, I learned to do better. When I succeeded it boosted my self-confidence. While each time I did something new, got out of my comfort zone, I wanted to do more.

What I aim to achieve in my career.

I hope I never fall in love with being in the classroom so much so that I just end up as a teacher. My aim is to be a curriculum specialist, I want to help develop content and learning materials that are tailored to the different needs of learner's depending on their different backgrounds. I want content to be applicable and relevant to learners needs and abilities.

What can you say to people intending to study in the same field.

Education is broad and it's not easy. It is important to know the following:

*Why, why Education? is it your passion? your calling? your stepping stone? What is the goal/aim?

*What, what in education aligns to your passion? Is it being a teacher, a subject specialist, educational psychologist etc.

*How, how are you going to reach your goal? How are you going to break this goal into small attainable goals?

How will this goal have a positive impact?

Having answers to these questions will help you commit to education, because no matter what path you choose, when you choose something in Education you automatically become responsible for shaping the future of the world."

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