GRADUATE – Lerato Buthelezi

GRADUATE – Lerato Buthelezi

Congratulations to you, Lerato, on obtaining your BSc Biological Science!  ?‍?  ❤️  ?


"I am an ambitious and courageous 21-year-old Molecular and Cell Biologist.

My name is Lerato Buthelezi.

What has been the most surprising learning in your journey to getting your degree?

In my journey to obtaining my degree I have learnt that the best version of yourself is unleashed when you interact with different people and don't be judgmental.

What advice would you give young people who want to study your degree?

My advice to people who are interested in studying Molecular and Cell Biology is that they must be adventurous and goal driven.

What would you like to achieve in your career?

I am interested in viruses, I would like to know more about viruses not only to find a cure of diseases caused by them, but also how we can use them to benefit us. For example, how can we use viruses in bioengineering, if I can achieve that I would have achieved my first goal in my career."

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  • Afika

    Congratulations Lerato! You are the inspiration to young girls and youth at large.

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