GRADUATE – Kagiso Brian Lebang

GRADUATE – Kagiso Brian Lebang

Congratulations to you, Brian, on obtaining your B.Sc Physics!


I am Kagiso Lebang, a 21 years old BSc. Physics graduate with a great passion for learning how the universe around behaves and how it came to be.

What has been the most surprising learning in your journey to getting your degree?

One of the most surprising things that I learned during my journey as a Physics student is the true power of friendship. The best of friends at varsity are those that stay up with you at the computer labs up until 3 am, they are the type to send you past papers a month before the exams and they are always willing to listen to you when you go through the worst situations in life. Most importantly true friends (along with your will to be successful) will always make sure you come out of the graduation hall in record time. "Friendships are most necessary for success and personal growth".

What advice would you give young people who want to study your degree?

To anyone one who wants to pursue a career in Physics I would advise you to go into the field with an intense love for discovering how things work, in this way you will rarely get bored of the subject (since much of the cool stuff starts at 3rd year). Another piece of advice: Talk to your lecturers about the work they do in academia, you will be surprised about how much you don't know and you will be grateful about how much you will get to learn.

What would you like to achieve in your career?

My long-term goal is to go on to the frontlines of research in theoretical particle physics and become one of the best in the continent. Furthermore, I am aiming to produce work that will forever shape all of science (Hopefully earning me the Nobel Prize in Physics ?)


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