Be a Go-Getter by Thinking Critically About Your Future

Be a Go-Getter by Thinking Critically About Your Future

Be a Go-Getter by Thinking Critically About Your Future

If a Dux is the top student in a tertiary group, the achievers in high school are obviously Duxlings, right!? To outshine the rest, Duxlings don’t leave anything to chance – they grab the bull by the horns and make things happen for themselves.

Signs You are a Go-Getter Duxling

List of questions to determine whether you are a Go-Getter

The more you answered “yes”, the more of a go-getter you already are. Any points you answered “no” to are simply the areas which you need to work on to improve. That’s the beauty of being young – you have time on your side, and are embracing a personal growth mindset before you get too set in your ways!

Can-do Attitudes

What differentiates go-getters from the mainstream is your willingness to look beyond your current circumstances and obstacles. Creatively maximizing your resources and rising above difficulties is second nature to you.

You don’t believe that life just happens TO you. Rather, you believe that:
The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

You achieve this by thinking critically about your future.

Your Path to Critical Thinking

Whenever you come across new information or experiences, you use the critical thinking steps below to maximise the impact it has:

Dux Go-Getters Programme

Dux offers youth development programmes that grow and develop young South Africans to realise their full potential as a student and also as a young adult who will soon be entering the workplace.

The ultimate goal for Dux is to provide a fulfilling youth development process that engages with the student to help them develop the grit, character, confidence and competency that will launch them into a thriving future. And above all, we encourage our students to enjoy their lives and live a life that overflows with success.

  • Developing character, pride and accountability: Setting goals and experiencing success.
  • Developing self-worth: Understanding the importance of the role they play and what they have to offer.
  • Developing a sense of belonging: Feeling included improves participation and roles as leaders.
  • Developing emotional and physical safety: Emotional and physical safety improves participation and learning ability.
  • Improving relationships between adults and peers: Developing trust and respect.

If you are looking for a launchpad for the extraordinary, look no further than Dux. We specialise in giving all the mental health and emotional wellbeing support you need to thrive academically and in life. Contact us today, and get your ducks in a row: 060.656.1305  |

Dux | dʌks |  noun  "The top pupil in a class.”






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