Are You Honestly Using Your Freedom Well?

Freedom Day

Are You Honestly Using Your Freedom Well?

Freedom Day and Honesty Day fall in the same week this year. Can you honestly say that you are using your freedom to create a better future?

This Freedom weekend – as many of us languish in isolation – we have time to reflect on those who gave up their freedom and were isolated from their families for many years in order to win freedom for their people. It’s a good time to ponder… what is freedom to you? Many of us lived through a time where freedom was only granted to a small minority but in the past 26 years, some of us have become complacent about this abstract concept FREEDOM.

With freedom comes responsibility and we must take responsibility to guard that freedom for which our elders shed much blood and tears. Freedoms can be removed and abused before our eyes and we only realise once it is too late to do anything about it.

If you wonder what you can do to protect our freedom, take the example of freedom of speech and the media. Back in the bad old days, we had no free press in SA; people who tried to tell the truth were severely punished. Our new dispensation grants us freedom of press and speech, but it is being abused. You may be wondering “What can I do to safeguard that freedom?”

Well, the responsibility that comes with that freedom is the responsibility to disseminate only truthful information. So YOU can protect that freedom by being responsible with what information you spread. Fake news, for example, can cause harm and panic.

We read about Americans defending their right to bear arms, but it only takes a few of them to derail that freedom by being irresponsible with their guns and then that freedom is in danger of being taken away. No matter your stance on gun ownership, the point is clear: protect your freedoms by being responsible.

So as we remember those who died in Sharpeville and in many other situations fighting for our freedom, let us NEVER take that freedom for granted.

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