Ducking Sharp Focus – Your Secret Weapon For Success

Lazer-sharp Focus is your secret weapon for success

Ducking Sharp Focus – Your Secret Weapon For Success

Q: What gives you long term vision and short-term motivation?
A: Goals.  Setting well-defined, sharp, and measurable goals will focus your time, acquisition of knowledge, and actions.  Big overall goals, daily smaller goals, and even hourly goals help you stay focussed.

Tips to Get Yourself to Focus

  1. Clear your mind - think of 3 issues that are top of mind.
  • Write them down or say them out loud
  • Attached a feeling to each one
  • Put it aside – either chuck the paper in the bin or place it in a box or drawer to pick up later. You can also put it aside verbally

Thought – Getting through my work for the day.
Feeling – worry.
Say - "I am going to put this away for now!"

  1. Be organised

Plan what you need to get done and the resources you need to get the work done. One of the most focus destroying things is to keep having to look for documents, books, emails etc. to be productive.

  1. Be flexible

In your planning create space for flexibility. Things change and you may need to adjust your plan.  Be ready for this so you do not waste time and energy.

  1. Set a time limit

This helps you keep focused by creating a boundary. Have a timer where you can see it and be realistic about the time you set.

  1. Shut off your vices

Turn off the things you know distract you like social media and phones, set boundaries with family members, and prep snacks* to avoid using this to step away from your work.

*Bonus tip: Bulk prep during a break so that you are ready for a few days at a time.

  1. Do one thing at a time

Multitasking is less efficient, more complicated and can drive you crazy.

  1. Celebrate!

Small wins everyday lead to big wins overall. Some days you may feel like all you did was work but achieved extraordinarily little.  Reflect on what you did achieve in the day.

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