Fifteen Minutes Is All You Need to Improve Your Marks

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Fifteen Minutes Is All You Need to Improve Your Marks

Never mind Andy Warhol’s prediction of everyone enjoying 15 minutes of fame, in 15 minutes you can do the washing up, prepare a breakfast smoothie, walk 1.6km, or even tidy up your inbox. While these are all positive use of your time (and click HERE for even more ideas), at this stage of the year, 15 minutes can best be used to improve your results by setting the foundations to boost your productivity and organisation.

The Clock is Ticking...

Analyse The Feedback From Your Last Assignment

Learning from feedback is central to improving your marks. It may sting to read negative comments on your assignments - but ignore them at your peril. Rather view the assessment as an opportunity to learn and improve.

Look out for similar comments and loss of the same marks. Try tracking you feedback by listing all the positive feedback, the negative, and then ways you could improve. Use this sheet while editing your next assignment – continue doing the positives and improve on the negatives.

Look Ahead

Use your Dux year planner and study time table to make sure you are working on pertinent tasks and staying on track. Use your 15 minutes to note what’s coming up in the next month and work backwards from any assignment or exam dates to plan what you need to accomplish each week and each day.

Remember to take into consideration your personal life too. If it is a busy month, you need to plan how you are going to keep studying a priority and on schedule. Look for ways to make studying a little easier – from preparing meals in advance to rearranging events.

Drawing up a quick plan will help you to stay focused, productive, and on schedule.


There is no need to be embarrassed to ask for help when you need it. Take 15 minutes to reach out for help with a concept or topic you’re struggling to get your head around; or clarification you may want about an upcoming essay. Don’t waste time trying to work it out but getting nowhere – rather spend a few minutes to email your tutor with any questions you have.


A tidy environment leads to a clear mind. (And the converse is true too.) Using just 15 minutes to clear away crap that has accumulated on your desk, filing your notes, making your bed, etc. will bring calm to your being, ensure you can find things when you need them, and create a more inviting space in which to study.

Ditch Distraction

A distraction-free study space starts with a tidy environment (see 4. Above!) Take it a step further by adding a cushion or blanket to your chair, ensuring the lighting is adequate, setting out water and snacks, and keeping a motivational photo or quote visible. This way you minimise physical distractions.

Next, create a distraction-less study routine to put you in a focused mindset. Switch off TV, music, your cell phone and hang a do-not-disturb sign on your door. Investing 15minutes in prepping for a fruitful study session will set you up for improved results.

Your Turn

What else can you suggest to do with 15 minutes that will lead to better results?

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The top pupil in a school or class.”

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