Embrace Your Geekness Day

Embrace Your Geekness Day

Not all geeks hack the White House from their parent’s basement after not showering for a week. In fact, being a geek is becoming the new normal. Urban dictionary describes a geek as “someone you make fun of in high school that you end up working for as an adult”. Stop hiding your geekiness and embrace it. Here are some reasons why:

They Are the New Handy-Man

That person who says you’re wasting your life obsessing over computers, gaming, and internet culture is the same person who calls you when their wifi router stops working or they need a new laptop and want your expertise. Almost everyone in this day and age depends on technology - especially in COVID times. This is why geeks are needed more than ever...even when it’s as simple as turning it on and off again.

Geeks are Desirable in the Workplace

Geeks are known for obsessing over things. They can focus intensely on a task until it is done - quickly and efficiently. It’s this laser-like focus that employers desire. Geeks have the drive and will succeed because of it.

Geeks are innovators

Look at Steve Jobs (Apple CEO), Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO), and Melanie Perkins (CEO and co-founder of Canva). All are leading entrepreneurs and all geeks. Geeks give the world new perspectives and ideas. They are responsible for all social media, streaming services, and online shopping that you use - to name a few.

They Have the Best Trivia Knowledge

Geeks are without a doubt the first people to be invited to a quiz night with their extensive knowledge of Harry Potter, the best binge-worthy Netflix shows, and the newest tech available.

Everybody has a little - or a lot - of geek in them and the sooner you embrace it, the better. The world needs geeks. They’re funny, clever, and spout fresh and wonderful ideas. Why hide from it?

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