The Importance of Connection During this Pandemic

Michelle Obama's 2020 Commencement Address | Dear Class Of 2020

The Importance of Connection During this Pandemic

Normally at this time of the year, many Dux students get together for our annual Holiday Programme. It is a fun-filled week of deep conversations, team rivalry, and serious learning. Connections are made and relationships are nurtured.

This ducking pandemic is a real spanner in this year’s works!

Relationship Management in 2020

Despite – or maybe because - “a lot of us are reckoning with the most basic essence of who we are. Over these past couple of months, our foundation has been shaken,” the importance of solid relationships has become more evident.

Emotional intelligence (which forms a large part of our online curriculum) includes relationship management -  a social skill that gives you the ability to build relationships, maintain healthy connections, and have the flexibility to adjust your behaviour to fit a particular situation and your personal needs and desires.

Michelle Obama's 2020 Commencement Address

All over the world graduates missed out on their long-awaited graduation ceremonies. The former First Lady of the USA, Michelle Obama, delivered a commencement address online. The lessons she shared can be adopted by us all:

  1. Life will always be uncertain
  2. Treating people right will never, ever fail you
  3. Share your voice
  4. Focus your anger and energy for positive change.

Treat People Right

This lesson is what we are focusing on as we consider the power of connection and relationships.

Michelle Obama noted, “…you can climb a long way up the ladder selling falsehoods and blaming others for your own shortcomings, shunning those with less privilege and advantage.

But that is a heavy way to live. It deadens your spirit and it hardens your heart.

It may seem like a winning strategy in the short run, but trust me, graduates, that kind of life catches up to you.

You rob yourself of the things that matter most — deep and loving connections with others, honest work that leads to lasting contributions to your community, the vibrancy that comes from a diversity of ideas and perspectives, the chance to leave this world a little better than you found it.

Don’t deprive yourselves of all that. There is no substitute for it.”


Watch Michelle Obama's full address here:

The Dux Advantage

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