Bring your work back into focus

Bring your work back into focus

Year end is looming and along with the longer hours required to meet deadlines, perspective is lost on the amount of focus and dedication needed to perform our duties.

Getting motivated to go to work in the morning is difficult because even though getting paid is still a great incentive, the passion to perform your work best starts to trickle.  Sitting down to get things done is also almost always interrupted by hundreds of other things that needs your attention.

Here are a few great ways to stay focused:

Switch to different music

In order to challenge your thinking while channelling your thinking to get some productive work done, it is beneficial to either start listening to a different genre of music that what you are currently used to or to switch to no music instead.  Studies have shown that people spend up to 10 minutes working on finding a perfect song on a playlist to get them into the productive working zone.

Stop social distractions

Social networking platforms keep you from being productive as they distract you from your current task and you never only “look at notifications”, you always respond to comments and messages.  Set a time limit for yourself or even set up a reward system that allows you to check your social media platforms once a particular task has been completed.

To-Do list your way through the day

Make a to-do list either with a piece of paper and a pen or on somewhere you will see it on your computer.  The physical act of crossing something off of a to-do list is comforting and empowering to a lot of people.  Write a list of everything you would like to accomplish during the day and cross them off as you complete it.  This will motivate you to get more things done in order to cross everything off your to-do list.

Break work down into smaller chunks

Use your workload to set small goals in order to achieve the greater goal of completion.  Breaking work down in smaller quantities allows you to feel less overwhelmed with the task at hand and ultimately keeps you focussed on the work you have right in front of you.

Schedule email time

Checking into your email accounts at regular intervals could be distracting you from working and breaking your focus.  In order to keep your focus, schedule email time every hour or two to get into the habit of not reading an email immediately when it comes in and thereby breaking your focus.

Declutter your working space

A decluttered desk gives you a sense of calm and may resolve some of the anxious feelings you get from work literally piling up on your desk.

Make your work space comfortable

Your work space should have a comfortable chair with proper back support.  Your monitor’s height need to be adjusted to a height that reduces glare and is in a comfortable position to avoid straining your neck.

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