2017 Dux Orientation Takes Flight


2017 Dux Orientation Takes Flight

It’s a new year and there’s a buzz of excitement in the air.  Can you feel it?  The opportunities and possibilities are endless.  The sky’s the limit! 

At our recent DUX 2017 orientation, we encouraged everyone in colleges and universities, from first-years to seasoned students to take advantage of the year ahead and embrace the challenges as you strive for success in 2017!

As Coach Ladouceur said, “Life’s most impressionable lessons are when something challenging happens and confronts you.”

This is your year.  Make it happen!

Our Dux students

All of our Dux students come from different backgrounds, attend different tertiary institutions, and have different levels of student experience, but all were united when they opened up about themselves and spent time having stimulating conversations about their expectations, challenges, and rewards for the year to come.

What a pleasure it was to experience the honesty with which our students shared their challenges. Together, we created a toolbox of actions to overcome these challenges – with some innovative, fun, and downright practical solutions from the groups.

While the challenges varied from light-hearted to heart-breaking, the determination to actively conquer them was a testament to the spirit of Dux 2017. Woohoo!

Our end-goal for every Dux graduate is to become an adaptable, employable graduate, and discussions about becoming a dependable and productive employee were a hot topic for the day.

Overcoming Fears and Embracing Challenges

One of the reasons the bursary providers work with Dux as the student support team is to help alleviate fears that the students may have about the coming academic year. This helps to keep the students grounded and focussed on giving their best effort.

The key to overcoming challenges is to anticipate them and then plan an action to sidestep or rise above them. “Action conquers fear!”


Did you know that every duck has its own distinct quack – similar to a fingerprint? Well, we just made that up! But it is true that each of our Dux students is unique. So many of the insights that they shared showed great self-awareness - one of the cornerstones of the emotional intelligence required to develop into a well-rounded, employable adult.

With IQ accounting for 25% of success, and EQ accounting for the other 75%, improving this learned EQ ability is a focus throughout the Dux programme.

Success Factors

Being able to “take your place out in the world and out in society and out in our community, be depended upon” is the ultimate goal of our curriculum. Working on the most important success factors throughout the programme -  connecting with the right people, learning resilience and adaptability, making good decisions, setting and achieving challenging goals and developing effective emotional intelligence.

Launchpad For The Extraordinary

For more information on how you or someone you know can become part of the Dux family and take part in our programmes, please contact us today.

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