Dux Youth Development – Launchpad to the Extraordinary

Dux offers youth development programmes that grow and develop young South Africans to realise their full potential as a student and also as a young adult who will soon be entering the workplace.

It’s so important for the student and facilitator to work well together, and with effective communication being a core skill that we often help develop in young adults and teens, we make sure that the age gap between the student and the training facilitator lends itself toward effective communication that inspires, challenges and encourages the student.

Our Dux student support programme combines important aspects of youth development with essential and practical learning experiences that sets students up for success by leaving them feeling confident in their skills, abilities and talents.

The ultimate goal for Dux is to provide a fulfilling youth development process that engages with the student to help them develop the grit, character, confidence and competency that will launch them into a thriving future. And above all, we encourage our students to enjoy their lives and live a life that overflows with success.

Our development process also engages with parents, and looks to help them in assisting and motivating their children to succeed in life.

Some of the things we cover in our training programmes are:

  • Developing character, pride and accountability: Setting goals and experiencing success.

  • Developing self-worth: Understanding the importance of the role they play and what they have to offer.
  • Developing a sense of belonging: Feeling included improves participation and roles as leaders.
  • Developing emotional and physical safety: Emotional and physical safety improves participation and learning ability.
  • Improving relationships between adults and peers: Developing trust and respect.

Dux Coaching

Teenagers and young adults often find it challenging to express themselves openly to discuss their problems with their parents or family.  One of the biggest hurdles any student faces is to determine the best subjects to choose, what career path they want to follow, and how to cope with pressures of high school and varsity or college.

Phew, that’s quite a lot to deal with! But our team of facilitators is on hand so that you can keep your head above water when making these big decisions.

The Dux Coaching Programme offers guidance and advice to get students through their challenges while giving techniques for coping with the pressure and stresses of studying and school life.

It is designed to guide students in:

  • Dealing with challenges and issues
  • Harnessing their full potential and achieving goals
  • Improving their relationships with family
  • Providing assistance with schooling and studies

Dux Student Support

The student support team at Dux gets what it’s like to be a student in the 21st century. Life can be tricky – there are big expectations to exceed at school and varsity, keep up with your social life, hold down a job, and still think about your future and career and what’s going to get you there.

We’ve put a programme together that helps you block out the distractions and focus only on what matters – being your launchpad to the extraordinary, achieving your goals and setting you up for success.

All registered students can book additional coaching support sessions at a discounted rate:

  • Registration and payment before 29 February 2017 qualify for 10% discount

  • Group coaching events during the year
  • Students completing the programme are registered on our elite employability group for prospective employers.

Quack with Us

Send us an email at to get started with Student Support and Coaching programmes.

Dux Student Support and Coaching Programme

DUX Student Support - online and email support

R 550 per year

  • Invitations, discounts and access to Dux members’ special events
  • Access to student forums
  • Online access to student support programme

Additional services

  • Group coaching sessions bi monthly
  • Additional one on one coaching sessions at a reduces rate
  • 2 days orientation programme at the beginning of the year
  • 4 days holiday programme, life skill building
  • Student events


If you're a high school student, you can join our group of Duxlings for student support and development programmes.

Once you register online for our Duxlings programme, you can get access to a quack load of personal development and student support material like study guides and time management tools that will help you make the most out of high school, without adding on piles of extra homework.

  • Online access to student support information
  • Access to student forums
  • Invitations and access to Dux members’ special events

Duxling Student Support – online and email support

R 300 per year

Let’s get ready for flight day.

Please contact us to get started. A bright new future in on the horizon!

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