While DUX focuses on the tertiary student, Duxlings is for grade 8 to 12 high school students who are in need of student support and development programmes.

Teenages often find it challenging to express themselves openly to discuss their problems with their parents or family. One of the biggest hurdles any student faces is to determine the best subjects to choose, what career path they want to follow, and how to cope with the pressure of high school.

Duxlings encourages self awareness, open conversation on career choices and options on how to achieve the goals you have for your life.

Duxling Support Programme

Some of the things we cover in our training programmes are:

Developing character, pride and accountability

Setting goals and experiencing success.

Developing self-worth

Understanding the importance of the role they play and what they have to offer.

Developing a sense of belonging

Feeling included improves participation and roles as leaders.

Developing emotional and physical safety

Emotional and physical safety improves participation and learning ability.

Improving relationships between adults and peers

Developing trust and respect.

Duxlings have access to online student support and programmes. Find out more