Reducing Test Taking Anxiety (Part 3)

Rather do this to boost your memory and retention when studying

Reducing Test Taking Anxiety (Part 3)

This is the final instalment of the three-part series, “Reducing Test Taking Anxiety”. It is not, however, the last gems of advice we will be sharing with you. So keep your eyes peeled for more tips on acing your exams.

Practical Ways to Reduce the Anxiety of Exams

Putting the cause of your stress into perspective is the foundation. Here are some practical ways to minimise the anxiety you are experiencing:

  • Being well prepared for the test is the best way to reduce test-taking anxiety.
  • Schedule your studying over a few days or weeks and continually review class material. Don't try to learn everything the night before.
  • Try to maintain a positive attitude while preparing for the test and during the test. As you are busy, feel the sensation of doing really well.
  • Exercising for a few days before the test will help reduce stress.
  • Get a good night's sleep before the test.
  • Arrive early so you won't have to worry about being late.
  • Chew gum (if allowed) during the test to help relieve test anxiety.
  • Stay relaxed, if you begin to get nervous take a few deep breaths slowly to relax yourself and then get back to work.
  • Read the directions slowly and carefully. All you need to know is in the question.
  • If you don't understand the directions on the test, ask the invigilator to explain it to you.
  • Skim through the test so that you have a fair idea how to pace yourself.
  • Write down important formulas, facts, definitions and/or keywords in the margin first so you won't worry about forgetting them.
  • Do the simple questions first to help build up your confidence for the harder questions.  Capitalise on the easy marks.
  • Don't worry about how fast other people finish their test; just concentrate on your own test.
  • If you don't know an answer to a question skip it for the time being (come back to it later if you have time). Remember that you don't have to always get every question right to do well on the test.
  • Focus on the question at hand. Don't let your mind wander to other things.

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