Quacking New Conversations

Quacking New Conversations

As part of this month's theme of using the second half of the year well, Dux Youth Growth and Support is celebrating New Conversations Day.

Don’t you just hate awkward silences? The heavy embarrassment, the unsettled glances, and the uncomfortable shifting in your seat? 2017 introduced the inaugural New Conversations Day to be celebrated every July 12th. Founder, Steven Benbow, explains why it will be such an impactful day:

New Conversations Day” is about not waiting until tomorrow to have the conversations we could be having. It is an occasion to start exciting new conversations, learn new things about those we know best, and dream up new ways to engage with strangers.”

Many of us are lazy about making conversation without talking weather and sport. We miss the opportunity to ask intriguing questions and enjoy gratifying conversations. Heading into the second half of 2018, Dux challenges you to say “No!” to dull chit-chat, and to begin real conversations instead.


To get you started, watch this video for some inspiration:

Download your COMPLIMENTARY Conversation Starter Pack HERE.


Get your Dux in a row. Contact us today to join the select group of learners who use meaningful conversations for personal growth, ongoing success, and lifelong learning.

“Dux   dʌks   noun
The top pupil in a school or class.”



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