Post Exam Recovery

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Post Exam Recovery

Post Exam Recovery

See that faint glow in the distance? You’re starting to see the light at the end of the exam-hall tunnel. And when you’ve left that exam room for the last time, it’s very tempting to jump on the classic “let’s get drunk now bandwagon (which will inevitably end with you projectile-vomiting into a bush). But here are some alternative ideas to get you back on the road to recovery.

What To Do With Yourself Now That Exams Are Done


You know that one student in the class, the one who always gets homework in on time, is probably involved in some kind of advanced program and has been revising consistently throughout the year to make the exam period easier on him/herself?

Statistically, you are not that student. If you are – congratulations! You are more mature and forward thinking than most adults. But for everyone else, unless you’d like to end any post-exam celebrations by falling asleep in public while your friends draw a moustache on your face in permanent marker, you’ll probably need to get a reasonable amount of shut-eye to recover from those all-nighters.


A lot of students tend to find that they aren’t hungry for full meals during the exam period. The default position is to chalk this up to stress, and to totally overlook the fact this it might have a little something to do with their constant grazing on snacks like some kind of junk food-loving goat.

But once revision is over and there’s nothing to distract you from the fact that you’ve only eaten gummy bears for the past month and a half, you’re going to start feeling pretty bad, pretty fast. The best solution to this is to get hold of a hearty, healthy, homemade dish, making sure you get plenty of greens (green gummy bears do not count) and plenty of fruit (gummy fruit, also, does not count).

Get Outside, Get Moving

Months locked inside at a desk revising has probably left you pale and muscle-atrophied. You probably aren't feeling your best, so a little a bit of vitamin D and exercise can do wonders.


Finally, once you've rested up a bit, head over to the online curriculum and take some of the courses developed to grow you as an all-rounder.

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