Organ Donor Day is the Perfect Opportunity to Give Back


Organ Donor Day is the Perfect Opportunity to Give Back

You have heard the expression, “a cat has nine lives”. Did you know that YOU have eight? Seriously, you have your own life, and you can save seven+ lives when you die by becoming an organ donor.

Before you exclaim, “Eish, that’s not for me…” please read a bit further.

Stats and Facts About Organ Donation

According to the South African Organ Donor Foundation:

  • “On the waiting list, there are approximately 4,300 South African adults and children awaiting a life-saving organ and cornea transplants.
  • Every ten minutes, someone is added to the transplant waiting list.*
  • On average, 20 people die each day while waiting for a transplant.*
  • Your heart, liver, and pancreas can save three lives and your kidneys and lungs can help up to four people.
  • You can help up to 50 people by donating your corneas, skin, bone, tendons and heart valves.

What an easy way to express gratitude for your life and give back to the world. It’s not like you need your physical body once you have passed on – leave behind a legacy instead.

How Will Doctors Know I Am Really Dead?

Two doctors, who are completely independent of the transplant team, have to perform detailed tests before a person can be declared brain dead. The criteria for brain death is very strictly adhered to and accepted medically, legally and ethically in South Africa and internationally.

Are There Religious Objections To Transplantation?

Most religions support organ and tissue donation as it is consistent with life preservation. If you are unsure, you should talk to your spiritual leader.

Studies have shown that having no knowledge, limited knowledge, or an understanding framed by misinformation or cultural and traditional myths, impacts an individual’s response to the concept of organ donation and transplantation.

Plus, you can change your mind at any time. Simply tear up your organ donor card and remove the sticker from your ID document and driver’s license.”

Giving Back Is Always In Style

At Dux, we are strong advocates that gratitude plays an important role in building positive emotions, character strengths, and meaning. Nothing says, “Thank you for LIFE’ like passing on life. Sign up to be an organ donor HERE.

*American figures  EDUCATIONAL TALKS: Each year we give educational talks on organ and tissue donation at various institutions including high schools and primary schools, tertiary institutions, companies and any institution or gathering requesting a talk. During the visit, our team presents an informative talk on organ and tissue donation and transplantation, using visual aids and presentations.

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