Moments in Thabiso’s #DuxStudentLife

Thabiso Miya

Moments in Thabiso’s #DuxStudentLife

Dux PD Ambassador - Thabiso Miya

#DuxPD is super proud of our students. Amongst them, profound Thabiso Miya  - 3rd Year Industrial Engineering student at Wits. Follow Thabiso as he shares with us an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at moments in his #DuxStudentLife…

Thabiso is

About Thabiso

My name is Thabiso Miya. I am a 20-year-old student from Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni. I am currently doing my third year in Industrial Engineering. I come from a family of 5 people; namely myself, younger brother, cousin, and parents. Growing up we never really had much; for as long as I can remember we were renting in people's back rooms for shelter until 2012 when my father decided to take a mortgage on a house since my Matric was nearing closer and closer. After having spent literally my whole life sharing a bedroom (sometimes a bed) with my siblings [brother (3 years younger than me) and sister (1 year older than me)], I made a vow to myself to utilise the opportunity at hand at the time because I was finally going to have my own bedroom in which I would study, and enjoy my very own privacy. Fast forward to Matric I made that vow a reality. After having obtained borderline incompetent marks in grade 11, I worked as hard as I had ever before in my life and managed to pass Matric with 5/7 distinctions, with 100% for Maths and Physics.

This year I am doing my third year in Industrial Engineering. Eventually I want to specialize in Stock Investing. However, at the early stages of my working life I want to do Product Development, Project Management, and Manufacturing Design. I am an ever-evolving being.

How I evolve   How I see intelligence


To prep for the week ahead, Thabiso has shared some of his favourite motivational quotes with us:

Allow Yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent.  If you want to be strong, learn to enjoy being alone.  Until a man is completely saatisfied with his life he could never make a woman his number 1 priority...   To be beautiful means to be yourself...   

Busy thinking about my assessments, labs, planning my week, how I'm gonna show the different moments in my life, and how awkward it's gonna be...


Tuesday and Wednesday

Happy Hump Day from Thabiso!

Have a super duper day

No late start goes unpunished:

The flames I saw when I got to class

How it feels when I think about catching up the lecture I missed - Long Road to Heaven


Thabiso has an admirably balanced outlook:

Quote - A friendly reminder to always put in the work no matter how smart I think I may be   However

A full day ahead, and here are some inside sneak peeks at what happens in the lab:



Does part of your #DuxStudentLife also involve going to school in the evening?


Another late start in Thabiso's #DuxStudentLife

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