3. Self-Motivation

3.1.6 Creating Your Personal Vision

Your intent should pour out of you. It should emanate from every cell of your being so that you attract the people and circumstances that can support you in manifesting your desires.”     Dianne Collins

> At the end of this course you will be able to create your future’s vision.

Your Promise to the World That Your Presence on Earth is Grounded in Intention

A vision statement is what you want to create for your life, what you want to become, and why it is important to you.

As you begin to move from student to a more contributing member of society, now is the time to infuse your life with a value led vision. Get ready to reflect on how you plan to serve the world. Let’s explore what you want out of life, how you'll leave a legacy, and how your mark on this world will be meaningful.

This is the first step to creating a vision statement for your life.

The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living

Without a clearly defined direction, your path to the life you dream of will be labyrinthine. Make time to determine your values, goals, and overall vision to help you grow into a successful Dux. You must do this grounded in intention so that you are able to get clear on why you’re doing what you do.

Taking the time to reflect and set intentions will help you determine your vision. Notice what moves you, what ignites passion, and what you admire in others.

Accomplishments are an excellent way to create a sense of possibility for the future. Identify your unique skill set – now is not the time to be modest.

Working Backwards

Do you know someone who often utters, “If only…”? Perhaps that someone is you? “If only I had more money… more confidence… less fear… more time… less weight… different clothes… a better boss… a supportive family…”

Life can become a series of “if only” and “should haves” if you don't take time to confront your fears, set intentions, and take action.

There is plenty of prosperity to go around. Replace your scarcity mentality to one of abundance, and list what you would do if obstacles such as time and money (and all the above) were ignored. By operating under the assumption that you have everything you need, thrilling possibilities surface. Combined with a shuffling of priorities and time, discipline, and patience, you will be rewarded with the life of your dreams.

Value Based

The important thing is this: to be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”    Charles Dubois

Your values are a set of principles or standards that you honour, a quality that you admire and strive to emulate. When you consider why you want what you want, chances are that your why is connected to your values.


Q&A with the DUX DuckSettle in for a little soul-searching as we move on to creating your personal vision in the quiz section below.

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