0. Emotional Intelligence for Us All

0. Emotional Intelligence for Us All

0. Emotional Intelligence for Us All


The Dux Student Development Programme is referred to as a launchpad for the extraordinary because it sets you up for success and helps you realise your full potential. Through our self-growth programmes, Dux gives you the opportunity to become the best version of yourself. So, spread your wings, unlock your talents, and develop your Emotional Intelligence.

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Dux Student Support and Youth Development Emotional Intelligence

Do you know someone who is technically brilliant but has trouble managing others and collaborating in a team? Can you think of a genius who has failed to sell their idea?

Why does this happen when they clearly do not lack intelligence or occupational skills?

What Is Missing?

What people like this lack  Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ).  In a nutshell, emotional intelligence means being aware that emotions can drive behaviour and impact people (positively and negatively); and learning how to manage those emotions – both our own and others.

This is not all that hard to do when things are going swimmingly {quack!}. A truly emotionally intelligent individual is able to apply this in stressful situations too.

It makes sense then that understanding what your brain does under pressure, how that affects the way you make decisions and how you react in various circumstances, plus the impact this has on others....

.... the better you will anticipate your reactions and counter them with more constructive conduct.

A Bit of Background

The term Emotional Intelligence was originally created in 1990 by two researchers, Peter Salavoy and John Mayer. Dan Goleman popularised the term in his 1996 book. Can you guess its title?

..... "Emotional Intelligence", of course! 🙂

If you are interested in the history of emotional intelligence, download more information HERE.

The Dux Advantage

By completing the Dux online curriculum, you will have access to all the knowledge and practical skills needed for exceptional emotional intelligence. Not only will this make your day-to-day life more productive, meaningful, and favourable; but you will also have the upper hand when it comes to transitioning from student to employee (or even employer!)

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What to Expect

Each of the five emotional intelligence competencies will be broken down into functional modules for you to navigate.

Where To Now?

Let's get the show on the road! There are two parts to this course:

1. Emotional Intelligence 101 - where we gauge your current level of emotional intelligence, and

2. EI Answers - where we delve deeper into what your answers reveal.

Use the navigation area below to move around as you progress.


    1. To assess your personal growth progress, keep a record of today’s date and your totals for each domain in the quiz.
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