Book Club


Welcome to the Dux book club.

Inspired by Morongwa, this book club was hatched one cold and misty morning during the July holiday programme. To keep things interesting, each month has a theme as a guide. We do not, however, expect you to go out and buy new books. If you are reading a book totally contrary to the theme of the month, we still want to hear all about it!

Looking Ahead

July was a month of celebrating Nelson Mandela's centenary. In honour of this heroic legend, we aimed to read epic books.

August is Women's Month in SA. Let's read books written by female authors, showcasing female protagonists, or in some way applauding women.

September gives us two options: 1) reading uplifting books filled with promise and possibilities inspired by spring which symbolises new beginnings, or 2) books which are a tribute to our heritage this Heritage Month.

October and November are scarily close to exams, so reading will have to take a back seat. Ideally, any books you do read should be frightening in line with Halloween on 31 October.

December is all about family and festivities. It is a season to be jolly with loved ones - hopefully highlighting the essence of family and love.

January is a month when many of us are broke from all the December spending. It is also a month when new year's resolutions are decided. Let's read books about money and/or change.

February is a most cringe-worthy month - full of kitch Valentine's references. Either read a romantic book; or a book that can be classified as anti-VD!


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